Thursday, 13 March 2014


Queensway was first developed as a residential suburb of London in the early nineteenth century.  It was named Queen's Road in honour of Queen Victoria, who had been born at nearby Kensington Palace. This was a name somewhat lacking in distinctiveness, and for this reason the present name of Queensway was eventually substituted.

This area, cosmopolitan, diverse and elegant, is well known for its Georgian stucco terraces, many of which are Grade II listed, there are also handsome 1930s mansion blocks and a few new small residential developments.

Here you will find hundreds of shops including clothing and shoes, sports and leisure stores, designer clothes stores as well as hair and beauty, there is a shopping mall with movie cinemas and literally every second store is a restaurant or café. If that's not enough for you then when you finally make it to the end of Queensway you will be at Hyde Park, where you can spend hours exploring the Famous Landmarks, Statues, Lakes and Gardens or enjoy a bite to eat and relax on the lush green lawns that make this a world famous park.

In recent years, Queensway has become a centre for the entertainment and leisure industry in London. Is the heart and soul of Bayswater – bustling and noisy it is a great experience.

London's biggest ice rink, the Queens Ice & Bowl in Queensway was recently renovated. Everything you need is within walking distance and there are very few areas in London you can truly say that. Queensway Market, two doors down from Queensway Tube station is  an arcade with stalls.

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