Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Living Street

A Living Street, as described in wikipedia, " is a street designed primarily with the interests of pedestrians and cyclists in mind and as a social space where people can meet and where children may also be able to play legally and safely". 

There's a new trend around the globe trying to make cities more "pedestrian friendlly". In England, "Living Streets" is working since 1929 to make streets safe, attractive and enjoyable. It defends that on streets where we want to walk in, people are healthier, happier and more sociable.

It follows a strategy focused on people-friendly public spaces. Streets not just designed as traffic corridors, making sure that public places are high quality, clean, safe and attractive. Ensure that walking is the natural choice for short journeys, inspires people to walk more.

Today the approach is focused on two broad areas : slower traffic speed and measures to improve safety for pedestrians; inspire people to walk as part of their working day, and, improve the quality of the walking environment.

The "Living Streets Alliance" has as mission "to promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform our streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing, and play."

"The Living Streets Alliance seeks to inspire urban improvements for walking, cycling,  public transit, and healthy community and neighborhood life through outreach, education, and advocacy pertaining to alternative modes of transportation and basic improvements to the physical condition and design of roadways and the public right of way."

This month a book was released, about making better streets and better places. It is free to download at http://www.livingstreets.org.uk/councils-must-acknowledge-community-voice-says-living-streets .

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