Tuesday, 23 July 2013

And the best street to live is... ? It's up to you !

Our mission is to classify all the streets of every city in the world. Our goal is to help people around the world choosing the best place to live, work or play.

Choosing a place to live has impact on our health. Places with more green spaces, where you can do exercice  safely and with good atmosphere, contribute to improving our overall wellness. A new study has shown that living in a walkable neighbourhood has an important effect on whether a child is obese or not.

Prioritise areas with green zones and a good network of transports, contributes to improve the environment that surrounds us.

At the financial level, choose a central location with good transport network, possible means increased savings in the family budget. It is estimated that commute is the second highest cost that households have to suport. Easy parking and the existence of trade and services also contributes to reduce this cost.

Regarding the safety of persons and property, we can not overlook the reality of seismic risk and flood risk. It exists, and unfortunately, in many places of the world is a well-known drama. Make sure you do not live in areas of high risk, or if this is a reality, ensure that your property is adequately equipped to withstand these natural phenomena.

STREETICS gives you the answer to all these questions. It's up to you to value what is most important, and make an informed choice.

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