Saturday, 23 March 2013

Canada’s Best Places to Live 2013 by "Moneysense"


"What makes a city great? When we were determining our 8th annual list of Best Places to Live in Canada, we looked at all the data we could find to determine which communities offer the best overall quality of life. We started with incomes and employment. After all, most people’s experience in a city is more positive when they have a high-paying job—and the ability to get a new one if they so choose. We looked at the price of housing, giving high scores to cities where home prices are affordable when compared with local salaries. Weather was also key. Sure, some Canadians love cold weather, but most will agree that extra sunny days, days above zero and days without precipitation are nice to have. Crime rates and access to medical treatment are also important factors, so we awarded points to communities with low rates of crime, good access to hospitals and high numbers of medical professionals.

Quality of life isn’t only about practical concerns. The ability to take part in cultural activities adds richness to our lives, so we gave points to communities with high numbers of people working in the arts or sports. We tracked whether a city has a movie theatre or easy access to an airport. Of course, statistics don’t capture the personality, scenery or people that make each place special, but they provide a good idea of what life would be like if you lived there. 

Top 10 Large Cities

  1. Calgary
  2. Ottawa
  3. Edmonton
  4. London
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Halifax
  7. Toronto
  8. Mississauga
  9. Québec
  10. Vancouver

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