Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Start by the area and not by the property

Have you ever wondered why you begin to search for a property from its characteristics and not the characteristics of the area ?

Most people make a small mistake when choosing a home. They do not attest that the zone has the desired characteristics. Or at least, totally.

Usually they look at the transport network and one or two parameters, just that.

What happens next is that when they move to a new home, is when they start to see the problems of the area. Easy parking is a dream. Cycling is a danger. Commerce isn't enough for family needs. And after a few weeks, the dream home becomes a little nightmare.

Our advice is simple. Don't choose the house without knowing the characteristics of the area.

Go to www.streetics.com and check if it's easy to park, if it's easy to do exercise, or just how the atmosphere is.

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