Saturday, 8 September 2012


“Autolib’ is the first public service plan with electric vehicles to be developed in a large European metropolis. An innovation in urban travel that will transform our experience of cities.

Our lifestyle is evolving. And transport is too. Autolib’ is a key player in innovation with its self-service electric cars. This world first will revolutionise your journeys. What will be the effects of this revolution? The city will seem more open and travel more fluid and serene with these clean and silent cars moving through the streets.

With Autolib’ and the 100% electric Bluecar, we will all be able to drive without polluting the city with noise and fumes.  The electric engine, which produces no micro particles nor exhaust fumes, will allow us all to contribute to France’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions to 20% by 2020. This is making real inroads to durable development.

The 3000 BLUECARS planned for rental in Paris and the surrounding area represent a reduction in private vehicles estimated to be around 22,500, that’s the equivalent of 164,500,000 km driven per year by polluting vehicles. So there will not only be less pollution but also fewer traffic jams and less stress, giving everyone more time for themselves.

A city which WE change: livelier, more humane, with fewer vehicles and, consequently, less stress on the roads. Autolib’ parking spaces, accessible 24 hours a day, a real urban “cocoons”.

Making the city cleaner, more pleasant and more “breathable” needs a matchless service: a new transport method within everyone’s reach, more ecological, practical and economical which develops with you and fulfils your needs. In order for Autolib’ to be useful and beneficial to everyone, users, locals, drivers, visitors must all work together and take up the urban challenge.

June 2012 : 1740 Bluecars. 1100 Stations and Centres. Almost 5000 charging points and parking places. The service will continue its gradual implementation to reach 3000 Bluecars and 6000 recharging stations.”

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